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    Glow Wire Testing Website Launched

The glow-wire test to IEC 60695-2-10 is an electrical safety test used to assess the safety of plastic materials in electrical products in the event of a thermal stress situation. The aim of the standard is to prevent the start or the spread of fire in the event of an electric component becoming over-heated. The glow-wire test simulates this situation and tests the materials' reaction.

The Glow Wire Test

Read more about the glow-wire test to IEC 60695-2-11, including information about glow-wire flammability index (IEC 60695-2-12) and the glow-wire ignition temperature (IEC 60695-2-13)


Glow Wire for Household Appliances

Find out more about glow-wire testing to the household appliance standard, IEC 60335-1


Glow Wire for Luminaires

Find out more about glow-wire testing to the standard for Luminaires, IEC 60598-1


kA Testing Facility

kA testing is an independent UK testing facility which conducts testing to IEC electrical safety standards.