IEC 60695-2-11: glow wire flammability test for end products

IEC 60695-2-11 describes the glow-wire test conducted on end products (the GWEPT, or glow-wire end product test). Its purpose is to ensure the end product does not ignite or spread flames should an ignition source (such as an overheated part) come into contact with the plastic material.

In this part of the standard, the specimen to be tested is the end product, preferably the entire product if this is possible. The glow wire is either applied to the area most likely to come into contact with an ignition source, or the area of the product where the plastic material is the thinnest.

The glow-wire is heated to the required temperature, which is given in the individual product standards, and then applied to the specimen for 30 seconds. It is then removed, and the specimen is observed for a further 30 seconds.

The following observations are noted:

  • Whether ignition occurs
  • If ignition occurs, how long this took to happen
  • The time it takes for the flames to extinguish
  • If the sample is completely consumed by the flames
  • Whether the tissue underneath the sample was ignited by falling debris

The specimen passes the test if either a) it does not ignite or b) the flames extinguish within 30 seconds of the removal of the glow wire and the tissue underneath does not ignite.

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