IEC 60335-1: Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

IEC 60335 is an electrical safety standard relating to household and similar appliances. Other appliances which aren’t necessarily found in the household but may be used by members of the public are also covered. Part one covers the general requirements for all products that fall under the standard. The individual parts which make up part 2 of the standard cover individual products. A number of examples of the different parts can be found below.

60335-2-2 Vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning appliances
60335-2-3 Electric irons
60335-2-4 Spin extractors
60335-2-5 Dishwashers
60335-2-6 Stationary cooking ranges, hobs, ovens and similar appliances
60335-2-7 Washing machines
60335-2-8 Shavers, hair clippers and similar appliances
60335-2-9 Grills, toasters and similar portable cooking appliances
60335-2-10 Floor treatment machines and wet scrubbing machines
60335-2-11 Tumble dryers
60335-2-12 Warming plates and similar appliances
60335-2-13 Deep fat fryers, frying pans and similar appliances
60335-2-14 Kitchen machines
60335-2-15 Appliances for heating liquids

Resistance to Heat and Fire

Clause 30 of IEC 60335-1 covers the requirements for resistance to heat and fire, with clause 30.2 utilising the glow wire test. This clause specifies the requirement that non-metallic parts shall be resistant to ignition and the spread of fire. External parts which are not likely to ignite due to a heat source or flame inside the appliance do not require glow wire testing. The samples to be tested should be removed from the appliance.

The clause is broken down further into sub clauses:

  • Clause 30.2.1 gives the test temperature for general non-metallic parts
  • Clause 30.2.2 gives the test temperature for plastic parts which support or are within 3mm of current-carrying connections in attended appliances
  • Clause 30.2.3 gives the test temperature for plastic parts which support or are within 3mm of current-carrying connections in unattended appliances

In all clauses, the glow wire test does not need to be carried out if the Glow Wire Flammability Index (GWFI) of the material used to make the part meets the necessary requirements. The temperature of the GWFI generally needs to meet or exceed that which is given for the glow wire test, and the thickness of the GWFI needs to be within 0.1mm of the sample under question.

Similar requirements are found in the British and European standard BS EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014

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