IEC 60598-1: Luminaires

IEC 60598-1 is an electrical safety standard relating to the safety of luminaires with supply voltages up to 1,000V. Part one of the standard covers general requirements for all of the products which fall under the standard. Part 2 of the standard is a series which covers individual products. Part 1 of the standard should be used alongside each of the part 2 standards. A number of examples of specific products covered can be found below.

60598-2-1 Fixed general purpose luminaires
60598-2-2 Recessed luminaires
60598-2-3 Luminaries for road and street lighting
60598-2-4 Portable general purpose luminaires
60598-2-5 Floodlights
60598-2-7 Portable luminaires for garden use
60598-2-8 Handlamps
60598-2-9 Photo and film luminaires (non-professional)
60598-2-10 Portable luminaires for children
60598-2-11 Aquarium luminaires
60598-2-12 Mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights
60598-2-13 Ground recessed luminaires
60598-2-22 Luminaires for emergency lighting
60598-2-25 Luminaires for use in clinical areas of hospitals and health care buildings


Resistance to Heat, Fire and Tracking

Section 13 of IEC 60598-1 covers the requirements for resistance to heat, fire and tracking, with subclause 13.3.2 requiring a glow wire test. The test in this clause is carried out on parts that provide protection against electric shock.

Specific parts of IEC 60598-2 may have additional requirements for glow wire testing. For example, Clause 22.16 in IEC 60598-2-22 (luminaires for electrical lighting). This states that if the luminaire has a battery, any part which can be moved and may come into contact with the battery should be glow wire tested at 850°c.

Similar requirements are found in the British and European standard BS EN 60598-1:2015

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